The Stracciatella Nácar porcelain tile inspires a project in Belarus

Arcana Ceramica Projects

Located in Belarus, this Italian food restaurant combines a contemporary and cosmopolitan style with a Mediterranean essence. On the one hand, the metallic elements that are used in furniture and decoration provide contemporary and urban details to the design; on the other, the Stracciatella Nácar porcelain tile in 80x80 cm format and manufactured by Arcana Cerámica, adds that Mediterranean touch to the equation thanks to its aesthetic inspired by the characteristic Venetian terrazzo of the fifteenth century. A model of strong visual impact that gracefully combines inlays of different sizes and colors to achieve surfaces full of character.


In general, it is a project with an open and casual concept, where the customer sees at all times everything that happens in the kitchen and around it. The natural decoration has a great role in the ceiling of the room, while the white color stands out from the rest of the shades to give luminosity to the environment.

Project: Al Dente
Photographers: Yana Viarbitskaya, Lizaveta Iotka, Palina Karniyenka