Subtlety is the appeal of Parallax, with its discreet textures, accompanied by changes of planes and superimposed layers, an enveloping atmosphere that is as austere as it is a?rac@ve is achieved.


Black & Cream seeks out the natural simplicity of the materials, making them ideal for use on their own in more serene spaces, whilst offering the possibility of bringing a controlled sophistication through the use of exclusive special pieces


Betilo (Baethyl): countless and varied "lightning stones", many cultures worship one in particular as their own. Most of them are remains of meteorites that are supposedly endowed with magical powers.


The search for delicacy and harmony in one of the most trending decorative typologies has guided Arcana Cerámica when developing its Croccante collection.


Like the exquisite precious stones, the new series Les Bijoux d’Arcana enhances the excellence of marble with its highly polished finish.


Arcana Cerámica’s new Cliff collection takes its inspiration from the indomitable, natural beauty of stone, which is used to create spaces with strong personalities and a marked, architectural style. This is a collection that speaks for itself, intended for elegant, innovative interiors while exhuding robustness, at the same time.


Oxidized metal together with the most solid and essential cement inspire this new collection by Arcana Tiles. These two main materials of contemporary architecture are now also coming into our home to give it the purest urban and industrial style.


The Italian technique of the Venetian terrazzo has inspired the new Stracciatella series by Arcana Tiles. An aesthetic characteristic of the XV century palaces highly valued by architects and interior designers thanks to its multiple qualities and design possibilities