Quality and Environmental Policy

The Management of Arcana Ceramica sets out in this document the guidelines to be adopted in the Quality and Environment aspects of the Management System established for the scope of its activities by the business group, which corresponds to the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of ceramic floor and wall tiles and their complementary ceramic pieces.

The commitment by the Management is aligned with the following aspects from which the strategic planning and objectives of the organization are defined and determined:

  • The basic and permanent priority of the management system lies in satisfying the needs and expectations of all interested parties by achieving the highest quality product and service for our customers with the maximum protection of the environment, starting from the fundamental compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements that are adopted.
  • Consideration for the prevention of pollution, avoiding or reducing as far as reasonably possible the environmental impact of our activities, products and services from a perspective of the lifetime cycle of the products, focusing on those environmental aspects that are significant, related to the consumption of resources, especially energy, and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change.
  • The involvement of all personnel within the business in achieving product quality and in protecting the environment, through the development of professional competence that allows the required response to be given to the client while contributing to the social and environmental sustainability of our environment.
  • The performance of this management system, quantifiable through a definition of its representative indicators, is based on the commitment to comply with its requirements and the firm commitment to continuous improvement in all areas and at all levels of the organization, ensuring the necessary resources are provided.

The Management undertakes to communicate this document to the entire organization for its knowledge and acceptance and to distribute it externally so that it remains available to all interested parties.